Pitaya Health Benefits

The health benefits of pitaya fruit are many and varied. These nutritional benefits include pitaya health benefits which help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes. Pitaya health benefits and the great pitaya nutrition benefits make pitaya fruit popular all over the world. Pitaya (most commonly as the dried pitaya fruit) is a great fruit to incorporate into a diabetic diet plan and lots of diabetic recipes can include pitaya. While pitaya is not a type 2 diabetes cure, it may offer diabetics a substantial health benefit towards lower blood glucose levels. Pitaya vitamin C and dietary fiber are both positive nutritional benefits of pitaya among others. The amount of vitamin C in pitaya fruit is substantial, and you can see up to 10 times the amount of vitamin C in pitaya fruit which has been dried vs. the fresh pitaya fruit. Of course the dried pitaya fruit nutrients are much more dense than in the fresh fruit!

Pitaya Health Benefits

Pitaya fruit nutritional benefits are numerous and they make eating dried pitaya fruit and/or fresh pitaya fruit one of the most wonderful ways to stay healthy. Pitaya health benefits and nutritional benefits range all the way from the amount of pitaya…

Pitaya Info

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