How to Grow Pitaya at Home

Wondering how to grow pitaya cactus? How to grow pitaya fruit from the mature pitaya cactus? It isn't hard to get started growing pitaya plants, but learning to grow pitaya plants all the way to maturity to produce pitaya fruit successfully is sometimes another story. Night blooming and short blooming times can make pitaya pollination hard both for growing pitaya cactus at home and in pitaya commercial cultivation alike. Pollination is by nocturnal pollinators such as bats and moths, and you may not live in region where bats are abundant, for example. For the hobbyist, the trouble is reliably getting repeatable successful fruitings of mature pitaya cactus. However, you can easily start to grow pitaya cactus from seeds or directly from pitaya stem cuttings. If you grow pitaya cactus from pitaya seeds it takes a little longer, of course. In places like Asia and South American growing pitaya cactus plants is a commercial enterprise, but anywhere growing pitaya cactus can be a pleasure. If you have children or are part of a school group, growing pitaya cactus can be fun for kids too! You can even sometimes grow pitaya fruit right from Trader Joe's dried pitaya fruit seeds!

If you want more details on how to grow pitaya at home the tips on growing pitaya commercially and the pitaya pages at will introduce you to all aspects of the pitaya including health benefits of pitaya and where to buy pitaya and tips on how to grow pitaya cactus (growing pitaya cactus can be very rewarding). You can also learn how to eat pitaya  both dried pitaya and fresh pitaya.

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