Planting Pitaya Cactus | Soil

As when you grew the pitaya seedlings from the original pitaya seeds, or propagated the pitaya cuttings to prepare the pitaya cactus for final planting, you want your soil to be well drained or even to use raised beds if rains are a problem in your location.

Because the pitaya cactus is a cactus / succulent, it can more readily tolerate periods of dryness than it can tolerate long periods with too much moisture. Bear this in mind when choosing a location and preparing the soil and/or planting area. It is better to have soil that drains well and perhaps gives the pitaya cactus a few moderate periods of dryness during the annual cycle than to have soil which does not drain well and gives periods of soaked and sodden soil which can cause rot.

The pitaya cactus prefers soil rich in organic matter or with added organic material (e.g. manure compost). Remember all of the nutrients the pitaya cactus puts into growing and growing pitaya fruit come from the soil in which the pitaya grows and as the pitaya fruits will be harvested they will not compost into the soil and provide nutrients for the pitaya cactus as in a natural environment.

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