Planting Pitaya Cactus | Location & Spacing

As you will not be moving the pitaya cactus after this final planting, make sure you plant the pitaya in an area that will have plenty of sun for the mature pitaya cactus! If you need to shade the newly planted pitaya cactus, that is fine. Remember - it is far better to have to shade the newly planted pitaya than to have to move the mountain which is blocking the sun 3 years from now!

Space the pitaya cactus with the desired size of the mature pitaya cactus plant in mind. You can let a single pitaya cactus grow to be very large, but most likely you want to keep the size modest. Plan on several meter (several yards) between each pitaya cactus plant in a given row and keep rows about the same distance apart from one another. If you plan to prune the mature pitaya cactus closer, then you can plant the pitaya cactus plants closer and visa versa. A distance of 2-3 meters is a good safe distance from one pitaya cactus plant to another. Anything closer than 1 meter is probably too close!

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