Growing Pitaya Seedlings - direct planting

While it is best when growing pitaya from seed to grow the pitaya seedlings, repot the small pitaya seedlings and let them grow individually to small pitaya cactus plants, and then plant at the final location of the pitaya cactus plant, you can try to skip the intermediate step of transplanting the pitaya seedlings to individual pots to get them to large enough size for final planting.

If you want to skip the intermediate step and plant the pitaya seedlings where you want the mature pitaya cactus to grow outdoors (if in a greenhouse, then skipping the intermediate step is less risky), make sure when you sow your pitaya seeds initially that you use:

1. Much deeper base layer of pitaya soil mix (soil/perlite/tezontle)

2. Much sparser distribution of the pitaya seeds (at least a few inches)

3. Much more time to grow the pitaya seedlings to larger pitaya cactus

The idea is that you are going to sprout the pitaya seed and let the pitaya seedling just keep on growing until it is large enough for the final transplantation, so you need to have plenty of space for the pitaya cactus to put down roots and to grow larger in the original tray.

Of course, you could plant each pitaya seed individually in its own pot...

Most likely the result you will find is that by trying to save time and energy, you are actually spending more time and energy! You'll end up with a lot more space taken up and a lot of wasted work because any of the pitaya seeds that don't form vigorous pitaya seedlings are not ones that you want to propagate. If you sprout all the pitaya seeds first by the recommended method, you can easily pick out any that are sub-par at almost no loss to you other than the seed itself. If you try these shortcuts, any pitaya seedling that isn't viable enough to keep represents a huge amount more wasted work and you will be tempted to save it anyway! Not a good idea.

If you are lucky and virtually every pitaya seed gives a robust and healthy seedling, then by all means - it may be easier to plant each seed separately. It's a gamble.

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