Growing Pitaya from Seed

When you are growing pitaya commercially, the ultimate quality of the final harvested pitaya fruit is the most vital aspect but aside from satisfying the pitaya growing needs of the mature plant and knowing how to grow pitaya to have more dragon fruit, you have to create your first pitaya plants to begin with...

Growing pitaya from seed is one way to get the quantity of pitaya growing that you need for a commercial pitaya growing operation. It is not difficult learning how to grow pitaya from seeds, and growing pitaya from seed gives you quickly a huge quantity of young pitaya cactus plants to start your commercial pitaya growing venture.

Growing Pitaya from Seeds

It is not hard to grow pitaya from seed, and growing pitaya from seeds gives you a quick supply of as many pitaya cactus seedlings as you care to grow because the pitaya growing needs of pitaya seeds and pitaya seedlings are very simple and care is easy…

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