Pitaya Stem Cutting | Pitaya Propagation from Cuttings

Choose only the best and most healthy stock from which to prepare a pitaya cutting, as the health and quality of the pitaya cactus which is the cutting source determines the quality if the derived pitaya cactus plant! Avoid any diseased or pest ridden pitaya cactus for the pitaya stem cuttings for the same reasons.

Taking stem cuttings from pitaya cactus that are at least a year or more old, and strong and vigorous, cut a whole stem segment of a minimum of 1/2 foot to ideally 1 foot or more, using a slanting cut. Take multiple stem cuttings from the same stem, and focus on the lower and middle portions of the stem (remember that the pitaya cactus from which you are taking the pitaya stem cuttings will continue to grow and replenish itself). Try to use a stem that is a few inches in diameter (> 2 inches). Treat the cut ends of the stem cuttings with fungicide to prevent fungus rot of the pitaya cactus at the cutting location and then allow the cuttings to 'heal' or 'cure' for about 1 week in a dry spot out of direct sunlight. This step reduces the chance of rot.

Then plant the cuttings individually in pots (using a well drained soil medium as for the pitaya seedlings growing after repotting the pitaya seedlings), or plant the 'cured' pitaya stem cuttings directly outdoors at their final location in the pitaya orchard setting. The pitaya cuttings should develop a good root system within 6 months depending upon the conditions and soil properties.

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