Pitaya Orchard | Pruning Pitaya Cactus

You will need to regularly prune the pitaya cactus plant or else it will grow into a dense heavily branched mass which will block light, encourage fungus and bacterial disease, and make fruit harvesting hard to carry out.

Prune to remove always any diseased and dead branches and of the mature pitaya cactus, and to not let branches droop all the way to the ground where they can pick up rot. Regular pruning may be required more than once per year if the pitaya cactus is growing vigorously. After pruning, the cut ends of the pruned pitaya cactus may be treated with fungicide to help prevent rot at the pruning cut. For the same reason, compost the pitaya prunings away from the pitaya plants themselves to avoid the spread of rot. You may also want to use some of the pruning as pitaya cuttings to start new pitaya cactus plants.

You will find that pruning also helps to promote blooming and stem branching and will increase your yield of pitaya fruit commensurately.

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