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If you do nothing and do not guide or prune your pitaya, it can become a huge tangled mass from which it will be very hard to harvest fruit and which can become so dense that it induces rot and disease. The ideal solution is to 'train' your pitaya cactus to grow on a trellis.

To grow your pitaya on a trellis and make fruit most accessible for picking, you want to keep your pitaya cactus to look like a short tree more than its natural form. Keep the pitaya cactus pruned to give it a single long stem or trunk, then when the stem or trunk reaches the height of the trellis allow it to branch and prune it to encourage branching. This will allow plenty of air circulation around the base of the pitaya cactus plant (helping to reduce rot and fungus and bacterial diseases), give you room to work when fertilizing the pitaya cactus, and make picking the pitaya fruits easy.

To induce branching to occur if it does not naturally occur when the pitaya trunk is near the height of the trellis, cut the tip to induce branching.

Note: The pitaya cactus is a relatively heavy plant (not like a kiwi plant, for example) so make sure your trellis is sufficiently strong to hold the mature pitaya cactus and pitaya fruits (also heavy).

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