Pitaya Orchard | Trellis Training & Pruning

The pitaya cactus plants in the pitaya orchard will need to be 'trained' to grow on the trellis and pruned to maximize fruiting and growth. If the pitaya cactus is not maintained by regular pruning your commercial pitaya growing venture won't bear fruit! Rather like the Kiwi, the pitaya cactus is naturally a rather aggressively growing vine. If left unchecked the pitaya cactus under favorable growing conditions will make a huge tangled mass of stems and branches - not the least problem of which would be the difficulty of harvesting fruit.

Pitaya Orchard | Pitaya Trellis

If you do nothing and do not guide or prune your pitaya, it can become a huge tangled mass from which it will be very hard to harvest fruit and which can become so dense that it induces rot and disease. The ideal solution is to 'train' your pitaya cactus…

Pitaya Orchard | Pruning Pitaya Cactus

You will need to regularly prune the pitaya cactus plant or else it will grow into a dense heavily branched mass which will block light, encourage fungus and bacterial disease, and make fruit harvesting hard to carry out.

Prune to remove always any…

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