Maintaining the Commercial Pitaya Orchard

Once the pitaya plants are you have grown from the pitaya seeds and seedlings or from pitaya cactus stem cuttings have been planted, you need to help them get fully established and growing. You will need to maintain the pitaya orchard by nourishing the pitaya cactus plants and pruning them appropriately.

Pitaya Orchard | Trellis Training & Pruning

The pitaya cactus plants in the pitaya orchard will need to be 'trained' to grow on the trellis and pruned to maximize fruiting and growth. If the pitaya cactus is not maintained by regular pruning your commercial pitaya growing venture won't bear fruit!…

Pitaya Orchard | Fertilizer for Pitaya

Once you have planted your pitaya plants and they are maturing in the new pitaya orchard, you will need to maintain a regular program of fertilization. Depending upon the amount of organic matter and richness of the soil you have available, you will need…

Pitaya Orchard | Irrigation Watering Pitaya Cactus Orchard

Water is Required but be Cautious: It can't be stated enough that the pitaya cactus will tolerate a period of dryness more than it will tolerate a period of excessive wetness! However, when the pitaya cactus is healthy and growing and producing lots of…

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